Security guard afraid of losing his job attempts to jump off Sheung Wan building

A security guard who works at a Sheung Wan building attempted to jump from a rooftop on Thursday morning, worrying he could be sacked after the building has changed its security company. The security guard who works at Kwong Fat Hong Building on 1 Rumsey Street was rescued by police and firefighters at around 8am after sitting on the edge of a building. According to reports, the security guard’s colleagues called the police for help after discovering the man had gone missing at 5.24am, where police later found the man hanging around the rooftop of the building.

Police left the scene after the man claimed he was there “getting some fresh air.” Half an hour later, the man was found by his colleagues again where he is sitting on the edge of the building with his back facing outwards. Where they again called for help.

The man was returned to safety two hours later after emergency services arrived and escorted inside the building by firefighters.

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