Swedish Security Police reports increase in domestic, foreign threats

Threats against Sweden both from abroad and from domestic extremist fractions have increased, according to the annual report of the Swedish Security Police (Sapo). According to the report published Thursday, the coronavirus pandemic has created fertile ground for extremist groups to prosper. The police say there has been a growth in both right-wing sympathisers and violent Islamist groups.

The report named Russia and China as countries trying to weaken Sweden’s safety and society, describing their actions as constant, complex, and diversified and involving their embassies, students, and journalists. Every third Russian diplomat in the country is a spy in disguise, the report found. Similarly, China, whose financial and political ambitions are intertwined, is actively trying to collect data from the latest Swedish technology.

As a state-sponsored threat, Swedish Security police also included Iran which, according to the report, is spying on opponents of the Iranian regime living in Sweden.

(Pekka Vanttinen | EURACTIV.com)

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