AdvancedMart 3-AAA 100mA LED

This 3-AAA Security Quality LED flashlight is made of Type II anodized aluminum, medium gray in color. The head has notches machined into its housing which help serve as an anti-roll device. The body has gentle checkering around the center in three rings for grip.

The bezel consists of a plastic lens protecting a deep slivered smooth plastic reflector for the single “high power” LED. This appears to be one of the new 8mm 100mA LEDs based upon what I have seen. A reflector is used for focusing the light from the Security Quality LED into a good spot. A plastic lens protects the reflector and LED. The use of regulation or step-up circuitry is unknown. This is probably a direct drive Security Quality LED and as a result it will likely dim steadily over the life of the batteries.

Output is in the form of a pre-focused smooth spot from the essentially unbreakable LED. Beam color is very white. The central spot is surrounded by a significant spillbeam which illuminates the area around the user, permitting for ease of navigation when the light is projected forward.

The switch is a simple click switch on the tailcap. Click for on, click for off. The switch is covered with a rubber cap to improve water resistance. There is a hole in the tailcap for lanyard attachment and a lanyard is included.

The light does have lubricated O-ring seals at the various potential points of water entry, as well as a rubber cover on the switch. The head is permanently sealed onto the body. I would rate the light as “dunkable”. If water gets into the body it should be disassembled for cleaning/drying.

Ergonomics: The light is comfortable in the hand, lightweight and comfortable to use. Locating the switch is simple and the click pressure is light.

For batteries the unit takes 3 AAA in a cylindrical carrier. The carrier is easy to load and unload and contains polarity protection so the light will not operate if one or more of the batteries are placed in backwards. To change the batteries, unscrew the tailcap, drop out the carrier, pry all 3 batteries out of the carrier with your fingernail, and place new ones in. Reinsert the carrier and attach the tailcap. The tailcap has deep indents for ease of grip when changing the batteries. Battery life is unknown.

No additional accessories come with the light. Batteries are not included.

What I Liked: Water resistant, Impact resistant, Bright, Lightweight

What I Didn’t Like: Uses a carrier for the batteries – one more part to keep track of & battery change requires extra attention.

Other Things That Were Noticed:

Conclusions: A good, simple, small Security Quality LED light. Good overall quality and construction. The Security Quality LED is practically impervious to impact, so you don’t have to worry about bulb changes here.