Aitec Krypton Mini-Light

Light Type: Incandescent
Light Class: Outdoor / General Use
Short Description:


The AT1600 is made by Aitec Co.,Ltd and is designed simply as a pocket general purpose incandescent flashlight.

The light is made from machined aircraft aluminum which has been anodized for corrosion resistance and color. The body is available in anodize colors of blue, black, silver or red. It is opened by unscrewing the tailcap to replace the batteries (2 x AA alkaline). There is a hole on the tailcap for the attachment of a lanyard and the tailcap is flat on the bottom allowing the light to stand on end. The body has gentle wave-like ribs for improved grip and has a slight microtexture that can be felt on the entire length of the body which also helps with grip. The head of the light has a step-like series of rings for cosmetic appearance. The light is turned on by twisting the head of the light relative to the body. This activates the proprietary incandescent bulb found inside the smooth silvered reflector. The light is sealed with O-rings for water resistance at each point of potential water entry.

The head can be removed and the body placed vertically, tailcap down, in the head allowing the light to stand upright using the head as a base for area lighting. A spare bulb is carried in the tailcap.

Size Reference
Size vs. common aluminum 2-AA light 

Bezel picture
Beam Profile – Narrow focus
Beam Profile – Wide focus
Detailed Information:In case you were wondering, yes this light is very much like that well known Mini, Magnificent aluminum 2AA light that is so popular in retail stores today.

The body of the light is type II anodized machined aircraft aluminum. The anodize is removed or masked off in areas where electrical contact must occur, but the inside is also anodized to protect against corrosion. The head is designed to be removable so that the flashlight can be used as an area light by standing the body up in the inverted head. The tailcap sports a nice silver spring on the inside for contact with the negative battery terminal. Outside, it has an interesting cone shaped protrusion inside of an outer ring. The light can stand on end. There is a hole in the side of the tailcap for the attachment of a lanyard if desired.

The bezel contains a plastic lens, a smooth silvered reflector, and an incandescent bulb. A spare bulb is carried in the tailcap. The light can be focused from a wide flood to a narrow beam if desired. As is typical of smooth reflectored lights, the beam sports rings and holes when the beam is spread out to a wide flood.

The switch is very simple. Loosen the head to turn on, tighten down to turn off. In order to change the bulb you must remove the brass plate that holds the switching mechanism and bulb, push the bulb through toward the back of the plate, try not to lose a tiny brass washer and plastic plate that sits over the top of the bulb, place the washer on the new bulb, push the new bulb through the back of the plate and into the plastic plate, and screw the whole thing back in place. Yuk.

The light is sealed with O-rings everywhere that is appropriate. This should give it adequate water resistance for a dunk.

2 AA alkalines power the little light. Runtime is unknown.

What I Liked: Water resistant, Seems fairly tough, Fairly bright, Easy battery change, Lightweight, Stands up

What I Didn’t Like: Lousy beam, Small parts easy to lose when changing the bulb and their loss would render the light inoperable.

Other Things I Noticed:

Conclusions: Useful for any purpose that you would use one of those Mini, Magnificent aluminum 2AA lights for. Just hope you don’t have to change the bulb while hanging from a cave wall in rappelling gear.